Friday, 31 July 2015

B L O O D R U N N E R - Putrajaya 31st July 2015, PRECINT 6

Wish me All the Best peeps!

In Tears of my LENOVO YOGA TABLET 2 (8')


My Two weeks Lenovo

I was excited when i first bought My Yoga Tablet 8" at LENOVO authorised dealer in Sunway Putra Mall a few weeks ago.  However the excitement died when my tablet suddenly died on me and cannot be Charged nor POWER On after using it almost 2 weeks. I sent it for a repair to Lenovo service Centre in Plaza Berjaya for one week and i was told it has a 'FLASH' problem.  I was not happy to hear the reason of My barely 2 weeks old Tablet died because there was a FLASH problem. I insisted on the explaination by the techician who told me its a software problem.  When i asked further he could not answer me.  Then come his supervisor who told me otherwise it was not a software problem but a FIRMWARE.  A two weeks old Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8' was having a firmware problem??? How could this be?? i barely even utilise the tablet.  I asked if this happens again, i have to return to the service centre???  He said yes. So it means there is highly possibility this will happen again??  HoMyGoodness!! (@_@) Am so Not Happy with this.  I was also informed that they had to reformat the tablet and nothing is wrong with the hardware.  So are these explaination is supposed to pacify me??? You are definitely WRONG! i was on my HIGH pitch when i heard what the Supervisor have told me with his 'Nothing happen' face.

So please help me to understand? what do they mean by FLASH or FIRMWARE problem?  It is NOT ACCEPTABLE as my LENOVO YOGA TABLET 8" is barely 2 weeks old!  I hate to be facing the same problem in the near future and this definitely give a bad review on LENOVO YOGA TABLET 8".  I did not pay RM1100 for a new tablet for it to DIE on me within two weeks of ownership.  Might as well i spent it on SAMSUNG! *no JOKE*  I am utterly disappointed actually.

SIGH! *Punching LENOVO Paperbag*

Thursday, 30 July 2015

What is Up with Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 (8')


Hello Peeps! Been awhile i have not been updating some stuffs in my Blog.

So, what is new?? My tablet is new. hehhh..was so excited when i got my LENOVO YOGA TABLET 2 (8').  Actually, I thought of buying a smartphone for purpose of being mobile, instead i bought a tablet.  Why i chose Yoga Tablet?? Particularly because of its design and function. I wanted something that i can both use as a Laptop and a phone (not really a chatty person but more of a text person).  So i was instantly attracted to the features and plus i can connect it to a bluetooth keyboard. Was disappointing tho when Lenovo does not sell a bluetooth keyboard to go with it unless you are buying the 10" spec which is way over my budget.

I am still in the midst of 'playing' with Lenovo as i am new to this brand. I am so used to SAMSUNG as almost all my stuffs are SAMSUNG.  So choosing a NEW BRAND is such a Risk. I hope i am Not disappointed. So these are the features of LENOVO YOGA TABLET that made me Fell in love with it.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 (8")Features
Performance for Work and Play with Intel® Inside

Wake in a flash, quickly open files and photos, and seamlessly switch between apps without any delay.

Four Ways to Use Your Tablet

Yoga Tablet 2’s innovative design places a battery cylinder and kickstand on the side of the device, shifting the center of gravity and opening up multiple ways to use it: Hold, Tilt, Stand, and Hang.  That means there are four different ways to enjoy media content, games, and more.

Epic Battery Life

Yoga Tablet 2 keeps going over the long haul with its off-the-charts battery life. Its battery lasts up to 18 hours* so you can go all day – and into the night – without recharging. The secret: Yoga Tablet’s unique, cylinder-shaped side chamber allows more room for battery storage – and more time between charges. 

*Battery life is an estimated maximum. Actual battery life may vary based on many factors.  For full testing details, refer to

Immersive Audio

Yoga Tablet 2 gives you a new way to enjoy music on a tablet. Front-facing, large-chamber stereo speakers with Wolfson® Master HiFi™ audio processing and Dolby® surround sound delivers a rich audio experience.

Great Connectivity Options

Yoga Tablet 2 supports 4G LTE for ultra-fast mobile data (optional) and dual band WiFi for stable connections over larger distances.

Advanced Rear Camera

Enjoy a new way to take beautiful photos with the Yoga Tablet 2’s 8MP rear camera, which boasts an f2.2 wide-aperture lens, advanced glare-reducing glass, and a BSI 2 sensor.

Lenovo DOit Apps

Yoga Tablet 2 gives you more ways to get the most of your device, with premium Lenovo applications like SHAREit, which lets you share files quickly without network charges or a WiFi connection and SYNCit, which backs up and restores your contacts and SMS messages.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


"I hate my job but i can't quit because i need the money", "My boyfriend is such a **** but i can't leave him", "I think i am getting fat lah but i am too busy for a jog",  "I hate heavy traffic i am always late for work", and bla bla bla".  The list never end.  Well basically everything sucks.   

There is a point in life that you might not be Happy or even satisfied with your life, your work, your salary, your friends, your environment, your partner and what have you. You whine and complain about how life is treating you. How unfair the world is.  

As Maya Angelou said it If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't Complain".  If You don't like where you are, you move. You changed.  You are not a Tree and you are free to decide what is best for yourself. How you lead your life is your decision.

Life has its challenges...

I know one thing about is doing something Out of your comfort zone. Its Scary.  Nothing is normal to you.  But you know what if you want something to be different in your life. YOu have to do it. Sooner or later. I know for a fact being human and being an emotional being, we have that FEAR in us NOT to try doing out of the normal daily routine things. Fear that it would not Work out. Fear that you would Fail. Fear that you will be frustrated by the outcome. But So what! At least you have the tried and have the Guts to change or do something about it.  

So stop complaining , whining and DO something about your life. There is nothing to lose but TIME.  Think about those unfortunate people who are in the worst scenario than you. Like those in Palestine (War everyday), Somalia (Food deprivation), Flood or hurricane victims and the homeless. BE grateful what you have and learn to manage things with whatever resources you have. 

Again, if there's anything in life you are not happy and You don't like where you are, 
you move. You changed.  Because You are not a Tree! You are free to decide what is next in life.  Take charge of your life and you will see how it will change you for the better.

Monday, 13 July 2015



Ohhhh Poor Monday. Everybody hates him.

Happy MONDAY Peeps! I hope you are not suffering from any Monday Blues or Manic Monday or Mundane Monday ya.  Errr Not HAPPY? What?? Monday Sux? Having a Bad day? Had a hard time waking up? Need the extra Boost in your coffee like 3 to 5 shots of caffein? Or even counting the minutes till end of your shift?  Well well well...Me too! (^____^) hehehe ..

Seems familiar??? 

This should be a normal scenario in the early wee of morning. Especially on MONDAY!  It's weird that i can wake up early on saturday just to hopp off to Damansara Uptown for a plate of Nasi lemak. But nooooooo...Not Monday morning. My body sure knows when it feels like MOnday. Shiish! So Help me God to get through the day. *Dragging myself to the Bathroom*

Yeah, for those who are fasting today and On Caffein ain't a pretty sight. . No caffein to boost your system. Blarghh!! Need one bladly!! I mean BADLY! Oh my english is atrocious.  I am trying to reduce my caffein intake. I have been on Coffee for the last for God how many moons.  Thus, the panda face (@_@) . Anyhoo, Monday monday monday usually i get a kick from coffee but today am hangin on my sanity without Coffee. Well, what the Fish i should be able to hang on for another day...urgghhh! *Dragging myself to the Coffee machine*

I bet my last Ferro Roche choclate, you are looking like this on Monday yeah.  (+___o) I hope so Not everyone is suffering from the MONDAY SYNDROME. Good Heavens Get a Grip Peeps!  Scary yeah, i hope i don't look or be walking like zombies today.  *Walking wobbly*


Why is it when its MOnday it seems like forever for the days to reach Friday. But when its Friday it seems like a second to reach MOnday.
*There must be something wrong with my Bodyclock or My Mind is palying trick on me*

Well Truth be told, mon amies...there is nothing you can do about Monday being the first day of the week.  But you can Change how you start your Monday morning. By Staying positive and treat monday like its Friday.  hehehe...Its a start, never too ...O...errr Matured to start afresh. Heh.. *Checking for wrinkles..err need more collagen*

So at this late hours of afternoon, yeah afternoon a little tad late for a morning start. Hahah its because its Monday lahh..and No Coffee day. Sigh! (*_*). I repeat, at this late hours of afternoon I shall see the better side of Monday like CALVIN & HOBBES do. 

So peeps, when the Next Monday comes please Be nice.  Let us take it positively like CALVIN and HOBBES! Cheers!  Wishing you great days ahead till we meet another Monday ya \(^___^)/ *Crossing my fingers*

Saturday, 11 July 2015

P1 OMANite Iftar
 Holiday Inn Glenmarie is GemPaq!!!

Wednesday 8th July 2015, was invited to P1 OMANite Iftar which was held in Holiday Inn Glenmarie Kuala Lumpur. I tell you it was So GemPaq that with excitement Hosted By P1 Aand the Night was cheerfully  with our Darling Cuteness Overload Malaysian Singer Atilia Haron as the Emcee that Night.

Well to tell you the truth, I missed the first one Hour of the Gempaqness due to my 'misadventure journey' with a dear Friend Seela that night. It was kinda embarrassing and funny at the same time when you think about it. Hahahaha ..oh my for the this Iftar I decided to invite my old friend during my Uni years in UKM WHOM I HAVE NOT MET like Ions ago..more than 10 years ago. Yeah like a decade or so. But it doesn't mean we are Old and wrinkly lah. We are just maturing gracefully hahahaha. To cut the story short WE CRASHED IN the WRONG EVENT, We were supposed to be in Hall CENDERAWASIH at Holiday Inn Glenmarie Golf and Not at Holiday Inn Glenmarie hotel which is located next to each other. I did asked one of the hotel staff where was it and He kindly showed me the way Down to an Iftar event. Of course as w were already Late we just crashed in. For about 10minutes of restlessness I couldn't even find my blogger friends, no registration desk and No sign of P1 banner , I just had to ask the reception counter. To my shock we were at the wrong building. I was like "Oh my...Oh My..breathing like I was hyperventilating.  Bollocks! Without further a due I went back to my friend who was happily eating her Serawa Durian (sorta like a sweet dessert from the King Fruit Durian). I selamba ly explained with much embarrassment and dragged her to the REAL GemPaq IFTAR event. Hahaha Luckily Seela Was such a Sport. Me being the freaked maniac was just apologetic all the way to the next building; Glenmarie Golf and country club. 

Anyway, my misadventure turns out Awesomely GemPaq especially when we greeted by P1's staff at the registration desk. The bubbly and excited NICHOLAS. 😘 yeahhh my delight the Hall was full of beautifully and handsomely dressed Online Media Associates (OMA) and fellow Bloggers emceed by the sweet voice and ever so chirpy Atilia Haron.  FYI I adored her since I was a kid. #grinning (^^) What not to adore and admire, Atilia has a great voice, yoga Guru and Atilia's Mom is Malaysian versatile and a known Singer SALAMIAH HASSAN (Malaysian-If you don't know who her mom is Pls Google! )  


I was told that P1 prepared a photo taking booth with a lot opportunities for KAKI SELFIE & WEFIE, a lot of freedom for us guests to freely mingle and socialised and taking more photos of everyone else and the event itself. That night it was just NOT about P1, bloggers or OMA but also celebrating and remembering the unfortunate ones. OMANITE kindly invited Children from Pusat Jagaan Datul Sakinah to join the night and gave them Duit Raya and a band called DISCHORD (Sorry guys didn't get to take your photo) it was a fun crowd indeed that night.

The children Pusat jagaan Darul Sakinah

Winner of Woman's Best Dress

Winner of Man Best Dressed - Rawli 

YAYA Natsumi and I

And the night ended with a BIG FAMILY Group photos. With all sorts of poses, faces and characters. The crowd disperse with a lot to talk about till the next P1 OMANite in 2016 ( I hope) 😁😁😁 Till then peeps. Cheerios!!!

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Kueh Bakar & Laksa Johor

Hari ini, Hari REZEKI saya. Ada hamba Allah bagi rezeki Kuih Bakar dan Laksa Johor.  Tapikan Rezeki hari macam melimpah ruah sebab ada orang gak bagi rezeki yang ni pulak

Kek Lapis Sarawak

Selain daripada Kek Lapis, saya malam ni dapat rezeki jemputan ke Holiday Inn Glenmarie Hotel pulak. hahahaha...kan dah cakap rezeki, tak tau nak letak kat mana semua rezeki ni.  Adehhh..kantung perut ada satu je...tak macam member saya seorang tu nama dia ABANG xxxx...(Dirahsiakan atas kepentingan keselamatan saya..hahaha) Dia ada 8 compartment perut tau...boleh makan tanpa henti. Tapikan dia ni tinggi cam galah badan tak sado tapi besau la jugak. Tinggi saya pun takat celah ciak dia je.. hhihihiih...Apapun, kene bersederhana. Kalau rasa takut membazir eloklah disedeqahkan makanan ni..Saya biasanya bagi pada Pengawal keselamatan tempat saya tinggal. Yang pasti mereka akan lebih menghargai. SHARING IS CARING kan...

So nak bagitahu ni...setiap hari RABU & JUMAAT mulai minggu depan saya akan Blog dalam Bahasa Malaysia dan Bahasa Inggeris.

Introducing OPPO Series R7 Plus and R7 Lite. OPPO we go!!

- OPPO R7 Lite and Plus

Want to know more about these new Models of OPPO. Read up please! 

Star Struck by this Figure...Tall okay!  I felt like a Midget (+_+)


Ok Here goes.. Last night 7th July 2015, My fellow Bloggers and I #KelabBloggerBenAshaari were invited to this Grand launching of OPPO R7 Series #Style In a Flash at Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur.  The much awaited R7 Series namely OPPO R7 Plus and R7 Lite were launched by William Fang CEO of OPPO Malaysia and Katrina Li, Overseas Brand Director last night and are set to hit Malaysian shores sometimes in August 2015.

       This series come at a price :
Oppo R7 Lite RM1298  and  
Oppo R7 Plus RM1998

The OPPO R7 Plus

Look at that FULL HD! So Bright like a Diamond said Rihanna (^^) heheheh

R7 Plus is the latest Flagship model and its elegantly designed with a FULL METAL UNIBODY  that fits perfectly in one's hand.  It is equipped with a 13-megapixel REAR CAMERA and 8-megapixel FRONT CAMERAThe most exciting element of this phone is that it is equipped with VOOC Flash Charging System.  Which means you can save time in charging your battery.  With only 5 minutes of charging time, you can use up to 2 hours of talk time.  This Attribute makes it PERFECT for a Blogger like me especially PEOPLE on THE GO.  You only need the SHORTEST CHARGING TIME to charge your phone.  You dont have to wait forever for your phone to reach 100% (^_______^) hehehe. Cool Yeah!

While R7 Lite is the smaller version that operates similarly to R7 Plus.  It is also designed with a FULL METAL UNIBODY, 2.5D Curved Screen and processors, it has a 5-inch 16 M AMOLED Colour display and like its Brother R7 Lite is equipped with a 13-megapixel REAR CAMERA and 8-megapixel FRONT CAMERA and integrated with the NEW FLASH SHOT TECHNOLOGY.

This is OPPO R7 Lite.
 Slightly smaller in size but nonetheless quite a powerful jalapenos.

So if you still can't find the difference between R7 Plus and R7 Lite.  Just look at this table below and see for yourself.


The Specifications

So, if you are looking for a unique set of a smartphone, you may want to check this phone out.  i Tell you am amazed with its feature especially the VOOC Flash Charging Ma thingy. As i am an AVID USER OF SMARTPHONE. I do everything on my SAMSUNG S3 and it drains the battery so quickly than i can charge it.  So I am gonna get mine soon. Cross my fingers (Soon as i have enough moolah RMxxxx in my bank account that is..)
For those Interested please pre-order your OPPO 7 Series via OPPO official website ( starting from 11 July 2015.

What are you Waiting for??? Grab Your OPPO now!  

These are among our Fellow OPPO enthusiasts who came to catch a glimpse and feel the Sleek and Magnificent of OPPO Series R7

The whole bunch of Us: My Friends and I

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