Ohhhh Poor Monday. Everybody hates him.

Happy MONDAY Peeps! I hope you are not suffering from any Monday Blues or Manic Monday or Mundane Monday ya.  Errr Not HAPPY? What?? Monday Sux? Having a Bad day? Had a hard time waking up? Need the extra Boost in your coffee like 3 to 5 shots of caffein? Or even counting the minutes till end of your shift?  Well well well...Me too! (^____^) hehehe ..

Seems familiar??? 

This should be a normal scenario in the early wee of morning. Especially on MONDAY!  It's weird that i can wake up early on saturday just to hopp off to Damansara Uptown for a plate of Nasi lemak. But nooooooo...Not Monday morning. My body sure knows when it feels like MOnday. Shiish! So Help me God to get through the day. *Dragging myself to the Bathroom*

Yeah, for those who are fasting today and On Caffein Diet...it ain't a pretty sight. . No caffein to boost your system. Blarghh!! Need one bladly!! I mean BADLY! Oh my english is atrocious.  I am trying to reduce my caffein intake. I have been on Coffee for the last for God how many moons.  Thus, the panda face (@_@) . Anyhoo, Monday monday monday usually i get a kick from coffee but today am hangin on my sanity without Coffee. Well, what the Fish i should be able to hang on for another day...urgghhh! *Dragging myself to the Coffee machine*

I bet my last Ferro Roche choclate, you are looking like this on Monday yeah.  (+___o) I hope so Not everyone is suffering from the MONDAY SYNDROME. Good Heavens Get a Grip Peeps!  Scary yeah, i hope i don't look or be walking like zombies today.  *Walking wobbly*


Why is it when its MOnday it seems like forever for the days to reach Friday. But when its Friday it seems like a second to reach MOnday.
*There must be something wrong with my Bodyclock or My Mind is palying trick on me*

Well Truth be told, mon amies...there is nothing you can do about Monday being the first day of the week.  But you can Change how you start your Monday morning. By Staying positive and treat monday like its Friday.  hehehe...Its a start, never too ...O...errr Matured to start afresh. Heh.. *Checking for wrinkles..err need more collagen*

So at this late hours of afternoon, yeah afternoon a little tad late for a morning start. Hahah its because its Monday lahh..and No Coffee day. Sigh! (*_*). I repeat, at this late hours of afternoon I shall see the better side of Monday like CALVIN & HOBBES do. 

So peeps, when the Next Monday comes please Be nice.  Let us take it positively like CALVIN and HOBBES! Cheers!  Wishing you great days ahead till we meet another Monday ya \(^___^)/ *Crossing my fingers*

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