Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Je Suis Helena...Bonne Nuit mon amies!


TUESDAY has ended with my Boifie sulking and had to send him to the workshop and forkedout a hefty RM700 to make him feel better.  What did i spend the RM700 For??? Well Tayar 2 bijik, screws for the Chamber, minyak hitam (engine oil) and few tweaking of the engine which i fail to remember because i was so Dang hungry lah!! THank Goodness my hungryness ends up at SECRET RECIPE TSB Sg Buloh i had Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup, ginger grass lemon Tea, sea food spring roll and a take away cheese cake. Hahahaha.

It's midnight and 14 minutes past  twelve. Need to sleep Pronto! (-_-)..Thank Goodness it rained..Don't You love it when it rains???  I love it when it rains at night. It gives that calm and cool ambience and it sorta like a lullaby for me to sleep through the night. Eventhough there was No Star gazing tonight which i love to do before i go to bed.  (^-^)  i wouldnt mind because i am compensated by the cool and silent nighT and the sound of the rain drops.  Bonne Nuit peeps and sweet dreams!  Have a Great Wednesday ya!!

muaxzz..xoxoxo ♥♥♥♥

Monday, 20 April 2015

Bonne Nuit Mon Amies! Hitting the Monday Blues??

It's midnight and tomorrow is Monday. People always associate Monday as The Monday Blues...or Manic Monday and etceteras. Yeah...i know the feeling. .dragging myself to bed..huhuhuhu...

Seems like i didnt even get to enjoy my weekends.. (@-@) Nevertheless, Let's be POSITIVE and embrace MONDAY as it is. My fitness Trainer always Love Monday because that is the day she will Drill people like me and having a great Fun and kick from the adrenaline of torturing Us (in a good and painfully way of course.. heh.. Urk!!) I hope she doesnt read this hahaha.

Anway peeps.... Have a Great Start ahead this week
 HAPPY HAPPY MONDAY and  let's get Groovy. Catcha Soon and Be good. Night Alls. MUAX MUAX. XOXOXO. ZzzZZ (×_×)

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Calling all Hantu ADIDAS!


 Last 27th March 2015, was cordially invited to attend CELEBRITY FITNESS 8TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY Party in Lot 10. Was indeed and eye feasting party as Partgoers dressed to the nine in White as the theme of the party was WHITE ANGELS AROUND. What can i say about this party??? AWESOME! There were some familiar faces of the acting and modelling industry gave their support that night like AMBER CHIA (didnt get to take pix with her), Rizal, NTV 7 tv presenters and Actors and Muscle Man Sharul Mike. So i let the pictures do the talking. We had fun looking at models (*cuci mata) and Muscles. Hehehehe..

Cool & simple BAckdrop
Among the crowd attending this event

the latest sports attire fashion from ADIDAS

Malaysian Award Winning Body Builder SHARUL MIKE

Tuesday, 7 April 2015


#Throwback on an Event attended.


~Celebrity Fitness, Lot 10 celebrates their 8th year anniversary~

Kuala Lumpur, 27 March 2015Celebrity Fitness, Lot 10 saw partygoers dressed to the nines for the Celebrity Fitness, Lot 10 8th Anniversary Party. The party theme was White Angels Around and guests did not disappoint as they showed up in an impressive display of ethereal styles.

The party kicked off with Celebrity Fitness’s very own dance instructors, Baby G and her team, who dazzled the crowd with their catchy dance routines. Guests were then treated to a fashion extravaganza as models from Base Model took to the stage to showcase the newest Adidas collections. Former Mr Malaysia and award-winning bodybuilder Mike Mahen also impressed guests and won a few hearts with his rippling muscles and sculpted definition.

“We are proud to celebrate 8 years of excellence with Lot 10. Celebrity Fitness always advocates for fitness to be perceived as a fun way to keep fit and I’m glad to see so many members taking charge of their health and helping us become one of the best fitness facilities in Malaysia,” said Mr. Ryan Cheal, Vice President of Celebrity Fitness Malaysia.

Strategically located right in the golden triangle of Kuala Lumpur’s entertainment and shopping district, Celebrity Fitness, Lot 10 has long been the leading fitness destination for busy KLites. It embraces the open space concept with glass walls and a sky garden that envelops the gym, giving members a breathtaking view of the city skyline as they work out. The wide windows allow the gym to be bathed in natural sunlight, a factor proven to reenergize gym goers.  

In line with Celebrity Fitness’ resolve to provide the best for the members, Celebrity Fitness, Lot 10 offers a myriad of classes to members to have more variety in their workout regime. Members can groove along to some great aerobic dance classes such as the contagious Zumba, Latin-inspired Sh’bam or even the exotic and empowering Belly dance. Not only that, Celebrity Fitness, Lot 10 offers Celebrity Fitness’ signature Dance Class, the Dance N’ Attitude or DNATM. DNATM is a fun, easy-to-follow cardio dance workout that is easy for beginners and yet exciting for dance lovers, with a choreography change every few months.

For those who prefer a more leisurely exercise, City Golf @ Celebrity Fitness, Lot 10 is a top notch golf simulator that transports members to the grassy plains of over 50 of the world's best courses, all from the comfort of the club. Members who want a change of pace can also hop in the boxing ring and try out a range of high intensity exercises under the careful guidance of Celebrity Fitness’s Star Instructors.

“At Celebrity Fitness, we understand that members want convenience as well as quality to best stick to their regular exercise routines. In addition to our existing clubs, Celebrity Fitness will be launching seven new clubs in 2015 across strategic locations in the Klang Valley to bring healthy solutions even closer to Malaysians and ensure that residents and workers have the best access to Celebrity Fitness clubs near them,” added Mr. Ryan Cheal.

The launch of the 7 new clubs is the biggest expansion by Celebrity Fitness Malaysia since its inception and will start with Celebrity Fitness, Jaya One in April. Other locations include Klang Parade, Main Place, DPULZE Cyberjaya, Quill City Mall, Evolve Ara Damansara and Metro Point.


About Celebrity Fitness


Celebrity Fitness was founded in 2003 by fitness industry veterans John Franklin, Mike Anderson and John “JJ” Sweeney. It is helmed by CEO Martin Darby. Celebrity Fitness commenced operations in February 2004 with the opening of its flagship at EX in Jakarta, Indonesia. It has since expanded into Malaysia (where it acquired three clubs from direct competitor California Fitness in September 2009), and Singapore. Celebrity Fitness is one of the region’s fastest growing fitness and wellness brands with over 60 clubs and more than 170,000 Members – and its club footprint and Membership base are only expected to grow in the coming years.

The “Celebrity” name was chosen based on the philosophy that every Member deserves to be treated like a celebrity. This philosophy is translated through every aspect of the Celebrity Fitness Membership experience by making everything from club settings to fitness programs exciting and exclusive. Celebrity Fitness pioneers a unique lifestyle concept that combines fitness with entertainment, while being a lifestyle partner to Members who are affectionately referred to as “Celebrators”. Celebrity Fitness clubs are usually located in malls with supermarkets, enrichment centers and cinemas to complement the lives of their Celebrators who can do their shopping, drop off / pick up their children and continue their daily routines before or after working out.

The ambience and aesthetics of Celebrity Fitness clubs draw inspiration from real life celebrity hangouts in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Miami. Clubs are fitted out using eco-friendly finishes and fixtures that still retain a glitzy and luxurious touch. The latest in-club music, exciting and entertaining group fitness classes and events, and a team of lively Celebrity Services representatives, charismatic Group Fitness Instructors and highly proficient Celeb X Coaches complete a Celebrator’s Membership experience.

Celebrity Fitness clubs boast the latest state-of-the-art fitness equipment from world-class brands like Technogym, Life Fitness and Body Bike. Celebrators also enjoy access to innovative functional training equipment from brands such as ViPR, TRX and BOSU. Their innovative group fitness classes include five highly energetic dance fitness classes under their signature Dance N’ Attitude (DNA) program, the wildly popular Floating Yoga from its Elements program, and the exclusive Tour De France inspired Peloton and from their Race indoor cycling program. Celebrity Fitness also offers the wildly popular Les Mills group fitness classes, dance fitness program Zumba that has taken the world by storm, and even Kids Yoga for children at selected clubs.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Eat Like a Pauper

I ONLY have this Much to survive...

Its Sunday night almost to midnight..what am i doing late at night and not sleep early as Tomorrow is MONDAY..working day.  Well, i couldn't help but imagining if i only have a small amount of saving just to survive another 3/4 weeks more before pay day. Living and working in a city doesn't help much in being cost effective because Everything needs $$$$.  

Actually.."Breakfast Like a King, Lunch like a Prince and EATING dinner LIKE A PAUPER" popped up in my mind when i witness one frail Old Man at the side of the road trying to sell tissue papers and rosary. He went from car to car to sell but no one bothered to buy and dismisses him in the hot blazing Sun. Then he moved towards to the Left side my car..and i at that moment only have like MYR 9.00, called him to the right side of my car (it was at the traffic light junction) i asked for two set of tissue paper and gave him MYR5.00. I know the fact that this two packet of tissue would only cost me a quarter of the amount i gave him. Told him to keep the change and immediately his face lights up and uttered "Alhamdulilah". I was touched and full of humility when this happened. WHY? Some people would have shooed him away as obviously this frail Old Man is not local and probably the idea of being scammed / seen to be less fortunate of a person selling tissue papers and some other trinklets would scare the people away. 

Frankly in my heart...this time i didnt think that way...Him being a frail Old Man selling his stuffs and not begging is a good reaaon to buy be more haritable even if its just a small amount.  We never know if it happens to Us and no one would buy anything from You. How do you support yourself or even to feed your family? I had my fair share of hardship few yearrs back. My friend and I had only MYR50 to survive one week for food and motorcycle's fuel. We had to ration our food intake and where we ride for work. we didnt actually had breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper. It was breakfast, lunch and dinner like a Pauper.  It was all life experience and i never regret a single day of that episode of my life. Thank God during that hardship i was living healthy i believe less eating junk food and only take the necessity consumption actually saved me from all sorta of the Rich people diseases; diabetes, high cholestrol and high blood pressure.

Having a better job now, you tend to over indulge in comfort food and forget the  Good and healthy food. Thus, you gained weight and then the problems starts. So now am changing my Meal plan...Yes Meal Plan. I do not Diet and no crash dieting nor do i skipped food. Every carbo is half in portion but an increases in fibre and protein moderately. My point is...Start taking care of your health and always be humble and charitable whenever you can.  It would help in so many ways. 

That is all for tonight. Got to go. Not feeling well tonight, am coughing non stop and having a sore throat. Must be allergic to something and hot weather doesnt help

Have a good rest peeps and HAPPY MONDAY!! Stay POSITIVE IN life. Muaxxx ♥♥♥♥♥

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Calling All Hantu Nasi Lemak and Hantu Kelapa!

Calling All Hantu Nasi Lemak and Hantu Kelapa!!

 Love Nasi lemak?? Love Coconut Drinks? Check this place out :
Since I am One of the Hantu (Literally it means Ghost) but it really means You are a Fan of... (^-^) Yeah I know..I love the Dramatic Entrance hehehe... Throwback last Sunday, I had Friends gathering at Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, No 4 Jalan Raja Muda Musa, Kampung Baru Kuala Lumpur. It has been ions I visited this place for a Nasi Lemak (Coconut Rice) just because I was craving for one.  So Lo and Behold, I was not disappointed with the Taste and varieties of Lauk (dishes) laid out for its customers (especially a Picky eater like me (+_+) heh..) So i chose Nasi Lemak with beef and Bergedil (A deep fried potato patty with mince meat) and the sambal is to die for. I had to cilok (steal in a good way of course) from my beloved friend Ida to top up my lack of sambal in my nasi lemak. (^_____^) Yummmmmm! I can still feel it in my tummy.
Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa and Coconut Strawberry

Kampung Baru
Every food must have its accompanying drink right. I have always Love anything with Coconut element in it. This place has exactly what I wanted...Coconut!! So I chose Coconut Strawberry to quench my thirst.  At first i was sceptical of course. Coconut and what...?????  I am so use of drinking a Virgin Coconut water heheheh.  I had my first sip and hey...not bad not bad at all..  Its like drinking a vanilla shake.  I was just too full to try another drink but my friends did order Coconut VIP.  It looked and tasted great too.  If you want to know why it is called that way, I suggest you just make your way there and ask the 'Man' behind it. There are also other fruits too; mango, lychee and bla bla bla.. (Go and find our yourself ya. It adds more thrill to the mix and match drink)
The Kelapa  (coconut) Frutti Outlet

Coconut VIP and Yours Truly

Queue first before ordering

(a grilled fish cake made of ground fish meat mixed with tapioca starch and spices)

You can see the varieties of Lauk (dishes being offered)

 Price List : it is quite reasonable (no GST ya...)

The Gathering : LOok at these Faces of Happiness from Happy Tummy

So, what are you waiting now?? So Hantu-hantu Nasi Lemak and Coconut please Move that Bum of yours and drive to Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kampung Baru.  This Food Outlet starts it operation from Mon-Fri 5pm - 12 noon (the next day) and Sat-Sun 5pm - 12 noon (the next day).  For further information, you may browse Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Website; or follow them on FB, Twitter and IG
That's all for today.  Have a Great week ahead and Cheerios Peeps!! (^^)

FoLLow Me (^_^)/

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