"I hate my job but i can't quit because i need the money", "My boyfriend is such a **** but i can't leave him", "I think i am getting fat lah but i am too busy for a jog",  "I hate heavy traffic i am always late for work", and bla bla bla".  The list never end.  Well basically everything sucks.   

There is a point in life that you might not be Happy or even satisfied with your life, your work, your salary, your friends, your environment, your partner and what have you. You whine and complain about how life is treating you. How unfair the world is.  

As Maya Angelou said it If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't Complain".  If You don't like where you are, you move. You changed.  You are not a Tree and you are free to decide what is best for yourself. How you lead your life is your decision.

Life has its challenges...

I know one thing about is doing something Out of your comfort zone. Its Scary.  Nothing is normal to you.  But you know what if you want something to be different in your life. YOu have to do it. Sooner or later. I know for a fact being human and being an emotional being, we have that FEAR in us NOT to try doing out of the normal daily routine things. Fear that it would not Work out. Fear that you would Fail. Fear that you will be frustrated by the outcome. But So what! At least you have the tried and have the Guts to change or do something about it.  

So stop complaining , whining and DO something about your life. There is nothing to lose but TIME.  Think about those unfortunate people who are in the worst scenario than you. Like those in Palestine (War everyday), Somalia (Food deprivation), Flood or hurricane victims and the homeless. BE grateful what you have and learn to manage things with whatever resources you have. 

Again, if there's anything in life you are not happy and You don't like where you are, 
you move. You changed.  Because You are not a Tree! You are free to decide what is next in life.  Take charge of your life and you will see how it will change you for the better.


  1. That's great.i also really afraid to quit my job even i really2x not happy about that.

    1. Understand. There are also other factors to be taken into consideration. Time, family, financial and mental state. All the best ya. Thank you for taking the time to read


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