P1 OMANite Iftar
 Holiday Inn Glenmarie is GemPaq!!!

Wednesday 8th July 2015, was invited to P1 OMANite Iftar which was held in Holiday Inn Glenmarie Kuala Lumpur. I tell you it was So GemPaq that with excitement Hosted By P1 Aand the Night was cheerfully  with our Darling Cuteness Overload Malaysian Singer Atilia Haron as the Emcee that Night.

Well to tell you the truth, I missed the first one Hour of the Gempaqness due to my 'misadventure journey' with a dear Friend Seela that night. It was kinda embarrassing and funny at the same time when you think about it. Hahahaha ..oh my for the this Iftar I decided to invite my old friend during my Uni years in UKM WHOM I HAVE NOT MET like Ions ago..more than 10 years ago. Yeah like a decade or so. But it doesn't mean we are Old and wrinkly lah. We are just maturing gracefully hahahaha. To cut the story short WE CRASHED IN the WRONG EVENT, We were supposed to be in Hall CENDERAWASIH at Holiday Inn Glenmarie Golf and Not at Holiday Inn Glenmarie hotel which is located next to each other. I did asked one of the hotel staff where was it and He kindly showed me the way Down to an Iftar event. Of course as w were already Late we just crashed in. For about 10minutes of restlessness I couldn't even find my blogger friends, no registration desk and No sign of P1 banner , I just had to ask the reception counter. To my shock we were at the wrong building. I was like "Oh my...Oh My..breathing like I was hyperventilating.  Bollocks! Without further a due I went back to my friend who was happily eating her Serawa Durian (sorta like a sweet dessert from the King Fruit Durian). I selamba ly explained with much embarrassment and dragged her to the REAL GemPaq IFTAR event. Hahaha Luckily Seela Was such a Sport. Me being the freaked maniac was just apologetic all the way to the next building; Glenmarie Golf and country club. 

Anyway, my misadventure turns out Awesomely GemPaq especially when we greeted by P1's staff at the registration desk. The bubbly and excited NICHOLAS. 😘 yeahhh ..to my delight the Hall was full of beautifully and handsomely dressed Online Media Associates (OMA) and fellow Bloggers emceed by the sweet voice and ever so chirpy Atilia Haron.  FYI I adored her since I was a kid. #grinning (^^) What not to adore and admire, Atilia has a great voice, yoga Guru and Atilia's Mom is Malaysian versatile and a known Singer SALAMIAH HASSAN (Malaysian-If you don't know who her mom is Pls Google! )  


I was told that P1 prepared a photo taking booth with a lot opportunities for KAKI SELFIE & WEFIE, a lot of freedom for us guests to freely mingle and socialised and taking more photos of everyone else and the event itself. That night it was just NOT about P1, bloggers or OMA but also celebrating and remembering the unfortunate ones. OMANITE kindly invited Children from Pusat Jagaan Datul Sakinah to join the night and gave them Duit Raya and a band called DISCHORD (Sorry guys didn't get to take your photo) it was a fun crowd indeed that night.

The children Pusat jagaan Darul Sakinah

Winner of Woman's Best Dress

Winner of Man Best Dressed - Rawli 

YAYA Natsumi and I

And the night ended with a BIG FAMILY Group photos. With all sorts of poses, faces and characters. The crowd disperse with a lot to talk about till the next P1 OMANite in 2016 ( I hope) 😁😁😁 Till then peeps. Cheerios!!!


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