Catching Up with Your Past?? Part II

Hi its been a Month since my last article titled "Catching Up with Your Past?" No this is Not APRIL FOOL...this is for real. Let me continue PART 2 of  "Catching Up with Your Past?"

As i said...Your EX coming back to haunt you...what do you do? Its all depending on You. If you are still SINGLE then and you want to give it another try so be it.  But you However if You are NOT Single, why should You bother and give yourself a headache. There is a reason why he/she was not destined to stay in your life.  

Maybe this SIMPLE EQUATION helps:-

Give it a Go…again (if you still want to give a chance or Love each other; with condition your previous relationship was not a DESTRUCTIVE one. Save Yourself from Misery)

Not Single                
Are You Bonkers?! (save Yourself from all the Complication)

Not Single
Are You Bonkers! (Please Stay loyal and give ew relationship to bloom and grow. You have not decided to break up if it was not for the better.  It is good to have different perspective sometimes. 

Single but hey He / She is not the Only Person in this Universe                     
Give yourself a chance to know other people. You never know, there is a better match for you.  No REBOUND please (^___^).  The World is your Oyster.

At the end of the day Who You choose to stay with, it is your decision. It is Your life.  No one should decide what You should do with it. You charter your own destination in life.  What ever it is, Give yourself a chance to explore life experience and be kind to yourself.

Catch you sometime. I have a date to go to (^____^)/ Yipee!



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