Catching up with your past??

Ever had your past catching with you?? Like sneaking behind your back and said..."Hey am back!! Have you forgotten about me? Your Past!"

Don't Lie to me.  Everybody has a past. Might be a dark one or either way. Let me give you a simple example and i bet almost all of us have gone through a bad relationship.  You found new love and hoping to start a fresh and healthy relationship.  At the initial stage it's doing great but as the relationship grows, your past doesn't want to let go of you. or let me be specific, Your EX doesn't want to let you go even if you have already clearly said "I have let you go. We are no longer together".  And yet this ex of yours are still in a denial stage.  This Ex coming back is taking a toll on your New healthy and positive relationship.

Care to know more what happens next??? Stay tune...will update you soon

(^^) Till then. Have a Great FRIDAY Night Peeps!

Take care and Be good!



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