Feeling Trap? BREAKOUT!!

Ever feel TRAPPED in a room? in a car? In a Store? What's the first thing on your mind? BREAKOUT right?  Well, i did just that last saturday 6th September 2015 in BREAKOUT.  In fact it was NOT Just Me but also my fellow 29 bloggers from Ben Ashaari's Bloggers Club (KBBA) and the Man himself BEN ASHAARI joined in the fun..of being locked up in a room (well..not really Fun fun being lock but Fun fun because of the adventure)  Frankly, it was definitely a Surreal Escape Experience and mind challenging.   But before i share with you the experience in BREAKOUT. Let's get acquainted with BREAKOUT.

We had our BREAKOUT experience in one out of two BREAKOUT branches that is Nu Sentral Shopping Mall at Level 4 and Nu Sentral is strategically located next to KL Sentral.  The other branch of BREAKOUT is in Avenue K.   It should not be a problem to visit BREAKOUT Nu Sentral as its accessible via all mode of transportation (Car / MRT / Monorail / Comuter ).  So there is no reason you can't try out this awesome place.  BREAKOUT has 7 Themed Rooms in Nu Sentral that can hold a number of 2 to 8 players.  We were divided into several groups with six members in a team. How lucky we were that we had to Pick Number 1.... (+_+) Duhhh!  Means we were the first team to start the game.  However prior to the game we were introduced and brief on the rules and regulations of the game.  As i was saying there are 7 themed Rooms namely DREADNOUGHT, MATERIA MEDICA, PERPETUAL, TERRAFORM, THE SECRET OF HOCUS, THE TESTAMENT OF TESLA and THE WAR FOR REMBRANDT.  Do not be fooled by these name, all of these rooms have its own story behind it.    For my team, we had the liberty to be in THE WAR OF REMBRANDT.  

Glimpse of The War for Rembrandt

Glimpse of Materia Medical Room

Chicken feet anyone? ...heheheh

Us at the far corner, prepping for the task

Okay, before we start our journey of experience in THE WAR OF REMBRANDT i guess it would be good to be in the room without hanging on or bringing too much stuff in it.  Don't worry, BREAKOUT provides a locker for each team so everybody shares a Locker and one of the team member (Preferably someone who doesn't have Butter fingers or Short term memory to keep the key to the Locker..hehehe)  Now, let's get back to where we left, so after keeping safe all our personal belonging in the locker, we were briefed by our facilitator on what we should do and what not told do.   Since there are 6 of us in a team, each one of us may choose a character / role to play.  Each character comes with its own abilities, giving each player an individual responsibilities to complete the tasks.  Among The Characters were The Lightbringer, The Scholar,  Time Bender, The Oracle, Lockmaster, Merchant and Gemini.   So we decided on The Lightbringer, The Scholar, Time Bender, The Oracle, Lockmaster and Gemini to win this game.  Did i tell you we only have 45 minutes to BREAKOUT from the room. If we FAIL we will be LOCKED FOREVER!!! Scary huh... (^_^) hehehe.  . Indeed its scary if it happens for real (@_@).  . *Touch wood*

Fooling around before the game..heheh Good One Saidila hehehe

In THE WAR OF REMBRANDT, the room was made to look like the inner side of a Train.  They call it the TRAIN GRAVEYARD.  The mission was to infiltrate and transport the artifact, return it and to not get caught by the enemies.   The first 10 minutes of the game was kinda blurry and challenging because we have not figure out what to figure out. hahahah funny right..till we decided to call for assistance from the Crew.  Mind you even when we were given clues we still had tough time cracking the codes.  After much perseverance and team work of course we managed to open the first door.  After the first door, the second and third door came easy with one condition, every one has to play their role and play as a team.  Mar being the tallest among us Hobbits (especially Ayu and I hahaha), used her height to help in opening the First door.  How she did it?? Well you need to figure it out yourself. (^__+) Its more FUN that way. . 

The Second Door??  ermmm....let say it wasn't a door at all but it didn't stop any of us going through it. The Third Door?? Now its looks almost impossible especially with only a steel wire and a small opening to open the third door.  This part really needs a good eye, hand coordination and steady too.  Mind you at this point we only had 10 mins left before being LOCKED FOREVER!!! *heh..being dramatic here* with that 10 minutes our hearts were pounding like its going to burst out any minute.  With much perseverance and taking turns of adjusting and the person with the strongest and longest arms (or was it hands) succeeded in opening the third door. Hooray! Thank You Kak Saidila..hehehe and Ayu and Razi for the helpings hands and Kak Sue and Mar for the Support.  Okay the task is not done yet as we need to figure out how to BREAKOUT the final door and find the Artifact. After much ransacking we found the Artifact (Phew!) but we were pulling our hairs to figure out the final task of switching the train tracks to enable us moving to the final destination towards Nuevo Union.  Having less than 5 minutes to spare and still couldn't figure out how to flick flack the board switches we decided to call our last chance by using the wisdom of the Scholar.  As fast as the wind our facilitator came to the rescue and told us how to figure out the board switches. Lo and Behold with blood and sweat and Perseverance again from Ayu Jean and Razwey and Us mumbling and chanting like no body business..hahaha The FINAL DOOR WAS OPENED!

Soon as the DOOR was Opened Mar, Sue Aida, Saidila, Razwey and Ayu Jean ran out as fast as they could with  the sound of laughters and shout of success...and the funny part was i was still standing with my fasilitator in the final room, looking at them running like no body business and blinking non stop and i burst out laughing when my facilitator ADAM said sheepishly and i guessed amazed at their running speed of lighting, "They don't have to run.  Once you have managed to open the door you are Free to go".  So upon hearing what ADAM said, i had to call my team members back..and of course we almost died laughing because we were so eager to leave the room we totally forgot about our facilitator.  Oh ya did i mentioned we Managed to complete our task within 44 Minutes and 59 seconds from 45 minutes given time.  IMPRESSIVE right! hehhhh.... (^___^) Hahahahaha...and we had our WINNING PICTURE Taken in the room. Then off back to the reception area with a face with smile from ear to ear.  GUESS WHAT?! We won the MYSTERY GIFT of the DAY. A cool badge bearing our characters.   WHOOPEE!  Congratulations to Team No 1; Razwey, Mar, Saidila, Sue Aida, Ayu Jean and I. 

Proud with our Badge : Razwey, Saidila, Me, Ayu Jean, Sue Aida & Mar

Most of us..photo craze

Some of Us ..we are allergic to camera! Huhh.. (+=+)

With Ayu Jean and Ben Ashaari's Son - Qhaliff

So there, the experience of my team and I. Was indeed an adventure to be remembered and shared with all adrenaline junkie out there and for those who wish to challenge their rusty mind.  NEXT? i will be bringing in my nieces along to play. THANK YOU BREAKOUT for the opportunity, definitely a SURREAL experience like No Other.

If you are interested to play please browse the following address:-

Website: www.breakout.com.my.  
FB : BreakoutMY
Instagram: @breakoutmy

Till we meet in the next adventure. Cheers Peeps!!! 


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