Something different (^^) June 16th 2015

"Happy Birthday to Me...." hahaha..Yeah I turned xx onthe 16th June 2015. A GEMINI AND June bAby.  A year older a Year Wiser..i hope hahaha still celebrating one doesnt have to be  the usual Party..or sitting around and sleep all day. I did mine differently this year. More eventful that is. Am not saying the previous year wasnt..except 2014 (i was posted to a new place..which turns out a very Challenging experience indeed)

When You reached a certain point in Life or certain age...A physical GIFT Does not really matter anymore (for me that is).  What's important is How you spend Your day? Of course You have to enjoy Your Day and be Grateful. EVery Year i never fail to take a Day off on My birthday just as A Reward for myself and do whatever i feel like doing. This year i decided to be a part of something...(i am in Nature quite an aloof person, quiet...) Appreciates whatever is coming your end of the day, frankly i was actually having fun and no stress except on the road due to the heavy traffic of going places to places (i wish i was riding a Motorcycle..soon) Nevertheless it was fruitful. My pictures and face will do the (^^) talking heh..

As the Clock Strike Midnight of 16th June 2015, the first thing i did was to make myself BEEF CHILLIES.  hahahah.  Funny! But i felt like cooking and guess what i had fun eating my beef chillies with Cheesy Nachos. Yummm! then i went to sleep..YEah i know not a Healthy thing to do. Blarghh! its My birthday i do what i want to do. hehehe... My morning??? Hehhh..spent a little time more on the bed and did i tell you i was on leave.  heheheh YEahhhh!

Beef Chillies ala My Style

Fun time with friends

My Noon was filled with  an event at Restoren Dulu dan Kini, located in the heart of the city at the Putra Campus in Wisma Sachdev, Jalan Raja Laut.   I met my fellow Blogger friends, which was fun and crazy.  This event was graced by Puan Haslin Hassan, Dean for the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College ( KLMUC). (Read more about this in my next article " RESTOREN DULU & KINI, The Taste of Authentic Malay Cuisine'. Attended also by two famous celebrities; Chef Adu Amran an icon for KLMUC and Dj Halim Othman as special guests.  

Thereafter i left for One Utama, Old Wing Tanjung Golden Village to watch Insidious 3.  It was awesome and heart stopper too. hahaha. You should go and watch.  Its an explaination for what happened in Insidious 1 and 2.  TGV has changed a lot since i last been there.  I love it, comfy seat and clean smell of a cinema theatre hehehehe...And So the movie ended about 6.20 p.m. and i had a blast watching it and watching other people screaming and laughing at the same time.

             NIce ambience                                 Kinda of Creepy eh

Interesting notice for movie goers!

My next journey was to Bangsar Shopping Complex (BSC) to Dancing Fish Restaurant to attend my Birthday Diner at 7.45pm. I was kinda of worried i might be stuck in a heavy traffic from Bandar Utama towards Bangsar. I guessed it was my luck the traffic was smooth sailing *Grinning* and i thought i'd be the first to arrive at 7.40 pm.  Voila to my surprise EVERYBODY were already there. Hah! So much for early hahahah..We had a nicely located table to not far from the escalator next to the Dancing Fish restaurant.

The Yummy Restaurant, formerly called as SUNDANESE

The Cute card from my Nieces, Nephews and Siblings

 Have You ever seen Fishes swimming in a Latte?? I have!! \(^^)/
 Heheheh *Just pulling your legs lah*

After eating the Big Meal without speech (Yeahhh...heheheh), it was time to blow the Candles. Well this year i have an assistance to blow me candles..hehehe.  My 2 year old Niece was more enthusiastic than i do. So she did most of the candle blowing with the help of extra wind from God knows where *wink wink wink*  The dinner ended at aboout 10.30 pm.  

My unexpected Gift A T Touch Tissot Watch *Gawking!*

Frankly, i didnt expect anything from anyone just a mere HB wish would suffice. But a sweet friend gave me a Watch as a gift. She told me she promised to give me a Sport ma thingy watch for my Running purpose. I didn't actually paid attention (~_^) hehehehe.. So it is actually one expensive watch i have ever had and second expensive Gift i have ever received.  My most valued, treasured and expensive gift is a Fujifilm Camera which was given to me in 2012.  Something totally different indeed this year.

So I love my 16th June 2015 (Tuesday).  No grumpy day or sleepless nights.  Just the normal thing.


  1. Happy belated birthday dear! Tissot watch tuuu! *qawking*

    1. Thank Dear (^^) ...Tissot tu rezeki terpijak namanya hehehe


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