RESTORAN DULU DAN KINI at KLMUC- "Taste of Authentic Malay Cuisine"

Taste of Authentic Malay Cuisine

An Intro to you peeps (^^)

Last 16th June 2015, i was invited for the soft launch of Restoren Dulu dan Kini.  yeah i know its ON MY BIRTHDAY heheh but i was OK with it because i get to experience authentic Malay dining on my birthday. What do you? A bonus and its like having a food fiesta on my birthday which i don't have to spend anything. \(^^)/ Fantastic right. hehehe.  Okay then enough of me, let me tell a thing or two about this restaurant.   My tummy was squealing in delight as were treated to a local Malay delicacies such as, ubi Kayu with Sambal Ikan Tamban, pengat durian and asam pedas tulang rawan kacang hijau dishes which reflect the true splendour of Malay cuisine.  These dishes will be part of the RAMADHAN BUFFET spread commencing from 18th June 2015 until end of the fasting month

Yes, it is called Restoren Dulu dan Kini and this name takes after the ambience of the restaurant, adorned with the vintage photos of the city set amidst the present backdrop of the rising buildings of the city.  This restaurant is actually a joint venture between Cosmopoint and Malai Food industries and its open to students as well as public.  Interesting fact on this restaurant is that it is manned thrice weekly by KLMUC students themselves.  This embodies the core essence of 'Real World Practice' that combines learning with practical experiences, said Haslin Hassan, Dean of the Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism Management.

So enough talking more venturing what this Restaurant has to offer during this Ramadhan.  



BBQ Lamb and Chicken ...i am Salivating by now...hahahah

Dean Haslin Hassan (in Blue), Chef Adu Amran-KLMUC Icon (Second from right) 
and DJ Halim Othman, a lecturer in KLMUC (first from right)

Yours truly and Chef Adu Amran..what do u know..we were in sync..heheh (^^)

Yummy Puddings

My friends and I having a swell time..fuelling our Tummy
(Pic. courtesy from Safura and Boni Kacak)

Ulam-ulaman with Sambal belacan, Tempoyak, Cencaluk, Budu and Sambal gesek

Asam Pedas Tulang Rawan Kacang Hijau (Hot and Sour Soup)

Kari Ayam Ubi Kentang (Chicken Curry with potatoes)

Demonstration the Making of Ambuyat (from sago flour)
Ambuyat is a traditional food common to the Borneons -Sarawakian, Sabahan & Bruneian

Dean Haslin Hassan, Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 
Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College ( KLMUC)

Famous DJ Halim Othman taking his share of sweetness

Full view of all the sweetness of Desserts (^^) oh my am getting Diabetes soon...Mhahahah

Pengat Durian 

Durian pengat resembles a semi-porridge that is best eaten with apom, pancakes, or glutinous rice.  It's definitely to die for..heheh am coming back for more.

Beautifully arranged.

Someone is definitely Hungry!

Traditional Kueh - Kuih Keria and Kuih Bom (yeah am not kidding you)

Traditional Kueh- Koci and Onde-onde

Mix Vegetables

Sotong masak kicap

Ulaman Kampung

Kerabu (Asian salad)

Traditionally Boiled tapioca, sweet potatoes, bananas


My hoogabalooga Makan friends cant wait to get their hands and mouth on all the food displayed. hahahahah

Sambal udang petai (Prawn and petai)

Rojak Buah

Daging dendeng, Ulam rice

The sambals

The dessert (Better leave some space in your tummy for this scrumptious sweetness)


All of this Yummylicious dishes will be on daily rotation basis. So do not miss tasting all the dishes. Aummm! So let us check out the full list of the Ramadhan dishes offered by kat Restoran Dulu & Kini KLMUC ni.

Traditional Dishes

  • Ayam masak lemak rebung
  • Ikan patin masak tempoyak
  • Asam pedas tulang rawan kacang hijau
  • Daging dendeng
  • Asam rebus nanas dengan ikan masin
Fusion Dishes
  • Tafu lembut kukus
  • Sambal udang petai
  • Sotong masak kicap
  • Sayur campur
  • Kari ayam ubi kentang
  • Sup campuran (Daun Sup & Bawang Goreng)
Side dishes
  • Aneka ikan masin 
  • Aneka telur
  • Tempe
  • Tauhu
  • Kerabu
Kampung Ulam 
  • Aneka ulaman
  • Sambal belacan
  • Tempoyak
  • Cencaluk
  • Budu
  • Sambal gesek
Counter 1
  • Kambing panggang
  • Lidah panggang
  • Ayam panggang
  • Air asam
  • Black Pepper Mushroom Sauce
  • Percik Sauce
  • Mint Sauce
Counter 2
  • Roti jala / Pengat durian
  • Rebusan tradisional (Ubi/Pisang)
  • Kelapa gula / Sambal
  • Bubur kacang hijau
  • Pulut Hitam
  • Pengat pisang
Counter 3
  • Assorted Malay kueh
  • Local fruits
  • Drinks

Aside from enjoying the delicious spread of food, you will get to be entertained recurring performances by the students, modern traditional dance and acoustic performances by KLMUC students.  The stage is also open to KL based artists who wish to showcase their talent.

Performance by students

Besides these Ramadhan dishes, Dulu & Kini also offer ala carte menu for those who prefers to have the usual (^^).  

So what are you waiting for??? Let's Speed to 

Buffet Ramadhan Price at Restoran Dulu & Kini @KLMUC :-

ADULT - RM48.00 / pax
CHILD - RM 24.00 / pax (below 12 tahun)

Business Hours
 6 pm till 9.30 pm (During Ramadhan)

8 a.m until 9 p.m. (After Ramadhan back to Normal)


Ground Floor Blok A, Wisma Sachdev di Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur.
(Opposite Plaza Hotel)

For reservation please contact : 
016-6806994 / 016-2502073 / 012-4238120



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