My Passport Renewal on Manic Monday..

'I'm Coming home...i'm coming home. Tell the world am coming home'

Yeahoo! I am going home to Sarawak this week for Babulang Festival in Limbang, Sarawak.  But first and foremost i need to renew my expired Passport (February 2015).  By right i don't need a passport if i fly from Kuala Lumpur (KUL)  to Limbang and transit in Miri.  However this time i have changed my travel plan. That is to take a flight from KUL to Kota Kinabalu (KK) and travel by land with my sister and my nephew from KK to Limbang through Brunei.  Thus the need for a passport.  It is indeed value for money this time because i only need to pay RM200 for a 5 year renewal unlike the previous years. So yeahhh!! \(^^)/ *Extremely Excited!  I get to see my almost 90 years old grandma too.

So back to our main topic of the day; Passport Renewal.  I did mine today less than two hours and of course providing that you are at the Immigration Department early. As the saying goes "the early bird catches the worm". I arrived at Mini KDN Complex at Jalan Duta by 7.05 AM. Yes you are reading that right.  A.M. means Ante Meridian, which means before noon in Latin and went straight up to first floor.  There is escalator if you wish too use that instead of the staircase.  However being health conscious i decided to take the staircase since its just one floor up... hehehe.  I saw a bunch of people already in line in front of the entrance door of "Bahagian Pasport / Passport Division".  Immigration department operates from Monday to Friday: 7.30 AM to 1pm and 2pm to 5.30pm Saturday and Sunday: 8am to 1pm (passport processing only).  

About 7.20 AM, a male officer came out and asked if there are any senior citizen of 60 years and above and a child below 2 years. Senior citizen, child below 2 years and pregnant women are given priority to do the passport.

At 7.30 AM the Immigration door was opened and all of us went it civilisedly, thank Goodness. Before you are assign to a counter, the officer at the Registration counter will check you documents if its all complete.  Since i am only renewing my passport I only need to Bring along my Identity Card (IC) and Old Passport.  And then you will be given a number.  heheheh..guess what was my number; 1009.  Yup i am number 9. Yipee! 

At 7.45 AM i was called to Counter 12 and required to answer a few simple questions like; marital status, your address and your height (if there is any changes). Did my thumb scan and verifying what was printed and signed.  They took the Old passport and returned your IC and then you have to wait for your name to be called for payment purpose.  7.50 AM, i was called to counter 21 for payment. I paid RM200 for a 5 year passport and was told that it would take about one hour before you can collect the passport.  So while killing the time i went to the Cafe at the Ground floor and ate my nasi goreng kampung with sardine masak sambal and a mug of Kopi Ais.  After 30 minutes break, 8.45 AM i went up again and waited at Counter 1 to 6 area.  

9.00 AM  i was called to Counter 5, had my thumb scan again, verified the data in my passport, signed and was given back my old passport with a cut in the corner.  and VOILA!! I am done!!  That was pretty quick. Hooray! and Off i go back to office again..hehehe Yeah!! Manic Monday!

So wait for my travel to begin this THURSDAY 4th JUNE 2015 from KUL to KK, Sabah to LIMBANG, Sarawak via Brunei..  Till then Cheerio!!


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