Eat Like a Pauper

I ONLY have this Much to survive...

Its Sunday night almost to midnight..what am i doing late at night and not sleep early as Tomorrow is MONDAY..working day.  Well, i couldn't help but imagining if i only have a small amount of saving just to survive another 3/4 weeks more before pay day. Living and working in a city doesn't help much in being cost effective because Everything needs $$$$.  

Actually.."Breakfast Like a King, Lunch like a Prince and EATING dinner LIKE A PAUPER" popped up in my mind when i witness one frail Old Man at the side of the road trying to sell tissue papers and rosary. He went from car to car to sell but no one bothered to buy and dismisses him in the hot blazing Sun. Then he moved towards to the Left side my car..and i at that moment only have like MYR 9.00, called him to the right side of my car (it was at the traffic light junction) i asked for two set of tissue paper and gave him MYR5.00. I know the fact that this two packet of tissue would only cost me a quarter of the amount i gave him. Told him to keep the change and immediately his face lights up and uttered "Alhamdulilah". I was touched and full of humility when this happened. WHY? Some people would have shooed him away as obviously this frail Old Man is not local and probably the idea of being scammed / seen to be less fortunate of a person selling tissue papers and some other trinklets would scare the people away. 

Frankly in my heart...this time i didnt think that way...Him being a frail Old Man selling his stuffs and not begging is a good reaaon to buy be more haritable even if its just a small amount.  We never know if it happens to Us and no one would buy anything from You. How do you support yourself or even to feed your family? I had my fair share of hardship few yearrs back. My friend and I had only MYR50 to survive one week for food and motorcycle's fuel. We had to ration our food intake and where we ride for work. we didnt actually had breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper. It was breakfast, lunch and dinner like a Pauper.  It was all life experience and i never regret a single day of that episode of my life. Thank God during that hardship i was living healthy i believe less eating junk food and only take the necessity consumption actually saved me from all sorta of the Rich people diseases; diabetes, high cholestrol and high blood pressure.

Having a better job now, you tend to over indulge in comfort food and forget the  Good and healthy food. Thus, you gained weight and then the problems starts. So now am changing my Meal plan...Yes Meal Plan. I do not Diet and no crash dieting nor do i skipped food. Every carbo is half in portion but an increases in fibre and protein moderately. My point is...Start taking care of your health and always be humble and charitable whenever you can.  It would help in so many ways. 

That is all for tonight. Got to go. Not feeling well tonight, am coughing non stop and having a sore throat. Must be allergic to something and hot weather doesnt help

Have a good rest peeps and HAPPY MONDAY!! Stay POSITIVE IN life. Muaxxx ♥♥♥♥♥


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