How exotic can Your Child's name Be???

A Story from a good friend of mine Ayuyahti who works as a dedica😜ed teacher In Sarawak sharing her daily life encounters with many interestingly intriguing facts of Life in School. 

For those who doesnt understand Malay Language as the excerpt above explains about one incident where one of her young student having difficulty in spelling her own name like QLLYWYNA. (^^,) Yeah..i know how excited parents can be in naming their child and be as different or as Exotic as possible.. Well the challenges is not for the parents but the Child especially when they start schooling. This one child who has a name without vowels end up spelling her Nick name "Bibi" instead of QLLYWYNA on her exam papers! Poor thing! 

So, my friend Ayu suggests that be practical use more vowels in your child's name and Less consonants. Nevertheless in my opinion whatever unique or exotic or different a child's name is, it has to have meaning. It doesnt matter if she or he has 3 or 4 names for herself or himself but have pity..He will only be call One Name.  Like Sang Adiwira Perkasa Bin Halilintar or Henry Conley Richard the Third.. At the end of the day Sang Adiwira will be called either Ady/ wira Or whichever names he wants to be called and Henry Conley only as Richie or 'H'. . 

Moral of the story is Whatever names it will be, it has to have meaning. This name will actually carry the characters of the child. Fornexample Jaeson Cullen, my nephew's name means The Handsome Healer.  I dont call him JC but Jaeson Cullen his full name and it does carry weight. He is slowly growing up as a handsome, thoughtful, happy boy. Am waiting for the healer part to sink in..perhaps he will be a doctor or anything related to healing.  (^-^) God bLess Him. 

Enough said for today. I believe by now you'd be more enlightened on the importance of naming your children not just for you but also the benefit of the child growing years. 

You dont have to worry about me naming mY children as i am only surrounded by cats, dogs, hamsters and birds. (^-^) 

Have an Awesomely good day Peeps!


  1. agreed! elok nama yang ada makna yang baik baik...tiap kali panggil nama tu umpama doa. btw, cool name Jaeson Cullen :-)

  2. Kannn... kesian bebudak ni. Hahaha Jaeson Cullen sempena citer Twilight tuh.. thanks sis (^^)


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