A Fan of "Ah Boys To Men?" Catch "Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen"

This movie is worth the time and $ to watch. . As much as i enjoyed the previous two movies of "Ah Boys to Men", this third sequel is different. .with a mix of Cantonese, Hokkien and Mandarin throughput the entire movie gives that friendly and warmth feeling (as i understand bits and pieces of the languages), not to mentioned the tear jerking moments of the characters challenging life that made them who they are and managing their challenges with the support of friends. As always "Ah Boys To Men" never fails to bring that funny and hilarious conversation and terms like CDC -Confirm Die course, Ham Ka San, Make Peace Not War ma thingy, dialogue like "You farted....Pang sai?..Long Sai....(^-^)"  Oh ya for especially for Ladies, you get to feast your eyes with eye candy-muscle popping bods in the movie. Hahahaha...so Open your eyes wide!!..So..experience what i experienced while watchg this movie. Go Ahead and HAVE FUN and DONT FORGET to bring along some Tissue papers or a Hanky with You. . HAPPY WATCHING!! 


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