Young and restless Malaysian Up-coming singers

Heard of Bil Musa? What about Pipi rosli? Harris Hisham? Otam?? These young generation are awesome bunch of artists. Which i come to enjoy and chillax at a Cafe called KEDAI SEBELAH SS6...yes am not kidding you it is called KEDAI SEBELAH Not Senget or rompang...and for those who doesnt understand Malay.. Kedai Sebelah Means The Shop Next Door. Catchy huh...and So i believe so.  Food was indeed awesomy delicious too. I love the brownies and Nasi Goreng Embah (^-^) *Smiling ear to ear*

By the way ..i was mentioning about these artist performing at Kedai Sebelah last Thursday Nite  5th February 2015 were indeed a refreshing music to my ears. Mostly armed with guitars and ukelele...made me glued to the chair for hours and plus the fact that i was temporarily physically disabled so i couldnt move much from my chair :p.. The crowd was also totally supportive and fun too. Well what do you expect, i was surrounded by youngsters *am not saying i am Old..hahahah* But i must say the crowd helps too.  Too bad i didnt manage to catch videos of them performing due the limited memory of my ever so Loyal Samsung S3 (-_-) sigh! The great part was i got their pictures!! Hah! So the next time around if you happen to stumble upon these names for gig or performance please do lend your ears and open your heart and Listen. ♥♥♥


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