I made it through-Masters of Universe (^-^)


Last 1st November 2014, i finally received my Master of the Universe scroll..well symbolically at least. Hehh...coz we need to return our robe first in order to get our REAL SCROLL. Having a second degree after my bachelor one was indeed interesting and at the same time taxing. Nevertheless i enjoyed my 2 years ++ in a different environment, new people, new culture, new friends and new experiences. I never did regret a single day except the sleepless nights...*yeah the procrastination syndrom* (^-*)

When i first decided to be out of my comfort zone and out of my locality area...i did received discouraging comments from people close to me, friends and even colleagues. But one thing i do know You can't live up to their views because you know better. You know what you want and where you want to be.  Some of the negative comments i received were why do you want to study that far? Moving from one state to another state? Why do you want to leave us? bla bla bla......Only a few actually supported me.  The fact about me is i never like to be attached to any particular group or click or friends. i rather have a variety of friends and acquaintances.  It helps to broaden your perspective and horizon in life. Some people prefer to keep their friends or love one closer as they are protective of them or afraid of losing them. which i do not blame them.  Thus the decision i made in 2011 was the right one. I enjoyed my moments studying, travelling to a new place, meeting new people And learning new things everyday. Be it from your lecturers, classmates, new found friends and endless more.  Just do not be afraid to explore and never stop learning.

For those Who are in dilemma of what to decide whether to further your study locally or oversea, you really need to gather information first and foremost.  Be it locally or oversea make your decision wisely taking into consideration your finance, family, physically and emotional strength and so forth. All the Best! The world is your oyster. (^-*) Cheer up!


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