Tummy Rumble

Cooking is finally done. My stomach is rumbling. I stil haven't eaten the coconut rice i bought this morning. (*-*) and its almost 2pm. Where have the time flies..for sure not to my tummy.

Ok dokie..A pat on my own back *who else do i give credit to* (*-°) Mahahahaha. .these 2 dishes will be delivered to respective people soon enough. .once i have my bath of course. Yeah..i need a bath soon..am already smelling like onions, garlic, beef and caramel. Shucks! I hope no dog, cats or other animals sniffing and following me home later.

Alrighty then, its time for Shower! Got to go. Catch you peeps later. Oh ya You might be wondering how my cooking looks like..Feast your eyes...Tadaaaa!

Til then. TTFN ♥


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