The Edge of Time

Photography means a whole lot to me a different set of perspective and a new horizon of self expression.  I believe everyone of us have that special edge to express ourselves.  Be it in photos, paintings, sculpture, baking, poetry, songs and etceteras.. For an Introvert like i am, poetry and photos and sometimes painting helps me to be calmer and focus. Whatever is a way of chanelling your creativity so your brain will stay active and useful. .. 

in this edge of time where we HAVE to move in an incredible speed we are bound to be pressured in such a way we are not willing to be binded especially when You are a Non-conformist.. heh *like me*  ..Anyway, as i was saying Self expression helps in channeling your  thoughts and emotions. 

So, whenever you are in a difficult situation never ever give up..stay positive and Value Life and All that sorrounds you and of course be Thankful. ALWAYS.. It helps too when u have a good Support system (your love ones that you trust)



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