SARAWAK-Home Sweet Home

Flight trip frm KUL-MYY-LMN

"I'm coming home..coming home..Tell the world am coming home...-P.Diddy". This song has been playing on my mind since yesterday.

It's Super Great to be back to my birth soil the land of the hornbills. It's great to be able to breath in fresh crisp air than the smoky hazy air in kuala lumpur.  My journey to Batu Danau, Limbang this time is for family gathering cum my parents' weddg anniversary and a cousin's wedding.

I have chosen MAS this time as the price and flight schedule offered is just right and cost effective for me especially for trip back home to Sarawak. From Kuala Lumpur to Miri it took 2 hours and 15 minutes scheduled at 9.05pm and arrival at 11.20pm. The flight was smooth and little turbulence.  The only turbulence i had was my journey to KLIA airport as i almost missed my flight due to my workaholic nature. Blarkhhh!! (-_-) i left office at 7.15pm, arrived at Putrajaya ERL at 7.50pm, took the 8.23pm ERL a d arrived at KLIA 850pm just in time to run an amazing...i repeat AMAZING RACE from the point of exit of ERL to Gate A10.  A long long way to run and not too mention i was wearing SKIRT..(*-*) by the time i reached the Gate i was already drenched in sweat. Hahaha

well i get to rest in the flight, enjoyed my cold turkey sandwich and Sherlock holmes the drama.  I was greeted at the airport by Aunty Lolo, Aunty Bree, Ferguson and my sis Pam.

The next journey towards kampung was from Miri to Limbang. Using MAS WING the first ever after ions ago only took 15-30 minutes. From there greeted by my parents and my other sis R. For you readers who are not well verse about Sarawak, Limbang is the 5th Division in Sarawak.  My Kampung is about 20 -30 minutes from the town and about 10 minutes from the immigration border of Limbang and Brunei.

alrighty then, that's it for now. Till then. Have a good weekend. 


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