It's Caffein Day!

HELLO PEEPS! It's Monday and a public holiday in Malaysia (except in a few states). Yup yup yup i am travelling again well this time with Mr Farm House travelling partner. Farmho for short. :p hehehe... Yeahh he is definitely not a sweet talker which is perfect for me. Mr. Farmho keeps me WIDE AWAKE.  We are having Such a Wohoo time on thee toad...i mean on the road.  Blarkkhh!!  Dang it Touch screen (-_-).

You peeps must be wondering how does Farmho looks like..welllll..sorta fair..not too big, has a black cap..not too sweet but Dang it with Douuble Expresso on his sleeve tht gives KICK ASS effect to my system (0-0) Mhahaha. . So Here is MR FARMHO. Tadaaaa!!

Oh my! Heavy traffic from Simpang  Empat towards Nilai.. :/. Was supposed to arrive at mysister's place an hour ago. Sighhh

Later peeps!!


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