Chillax at Alexis BSC

Sauteed Prawn Tapas and Ginger Lemongrass Tea

HERE i am again at my favourite Lepak place; Alexis Bangsar Shopping complex. Ordering almost the same menu everytime i drop by whenever i want to chill or having a quiet time.  I always ♥ the Sauteed Prawn Tapas, ginger lemongrass Tea, the Pavlova and Sarawak Laksa.  This time i have a slight change on the menu a Lobster Roll (sort of a sandwich).  Will definitely post of photo of this menu and of course the taste (^^)

Why i ♥ this place?.. its not only the food but he ambience and the music.. i love Jazz..its calming and of course gives me this therapeutic vibe. I always take a seat at the nook of the corner always with one Black Book, a Pen and My ever close companion SAMSUNG S3. 

As promise here is the Lobster Roll. Looks Good ehh..(^_~)


I ♥ the fries and salad..however the sandwich is too creamy to the extent i can't taste the lobster. Don't get me wrong doesn't taste bad just that the combination does not give justice to the Lobster Roll i might say.  Ermmm...nevertheless i managed to finish the salad but definitely not the lobster. I will need a cuppa coffee to get rid of the taste.. My necxt visit to Alexis i will definitely Not going to order this menu..(-_-) Blarghhh!

There goes my dinner or was it Brunch..(~_~)
All is Not lost i am going to TAPAU me the Sauteed Prawn Tapas ..yes againn.. hehehe
Till then peeps. Have a good night sleep. 


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