Loving Can Hurt Loving Can Heal

I guess everyone of us had our chances of Falling In and Out of Love. The good ones, the bad ones, the bitter ones and the Sweet ones and to a point lost our faith in having to love again.   But when We do meet that Special Someone who renewed Your faith in Love, i believe going through the Process is worth it.  And of course Perseverance, Patience, Understanding, Commitment and Openness are much needed. Not to mention the process of Unlearning the things you thought are good for relationship when actually they are not; Learn to Unlearn.  Learn to accept new changes new experience new adjustments. Be ready to put aside your ego and manage your past scars (No matter how bad it was-i know this is a challenge but you will have to work it out or face the risk of losing). 

What i know of now is....Believing in Love, Have faith in Love, Have Faith in yourself in Your Relationship and that Special Someone You Love.   And You Know People do Fall In Love in Mysterious ways (sometimes in an Odd situations) and that it is not Impossible that We may Found Love Right Where We are.

With that i would like to end my post today with ...." Loving can Hurt and Loving Can also Heal...and I know sometimes we are out of Touch, Out of Love And out of all these things that you've done, You will realised so much more;  and Learn to Love that Special Someone Better" 


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