In Tears of my LENOVO YOGA TABLET 2 (8')


My Two weeks Lenovo

I was excited when i first bought My Yoga Tablet 8" at LENOVO authorised dealer in Sunway Putra Mall a few weeks ago.  However the excitement died when my tablet suddenly died on me and cannot be Charged nor POWER On after using it almost 2 weeks. I sent it for a repair to Lenovo service Centre in Plaza Berjaya for one week and i was told it has a 'FLASH' problem.  I was not happy to hear the reason of My barely 2 weeks old Tablet died because there was a FLASH problem. I insisted on the explaination by the techician who told me its a software problem.  When i asked further he could not answer me.  Then come his supervisor who told me otherwise it was not a software problem but a FIRMWARE.  A two weeks old Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8' was having a firmware problem??? How could this be?? i barely even utilise the tablet.  I asked if this happens again, i have to return to the service centre???  He said yes. So it means there is highly possibility this will happen again??  HoMyGoodness!! (@_@) Am so Not Happy with this.  I was also informed that they had to reformat the tablet and nothing is wrong with the hardware.  So are these explaination is supposed to pacify me??? You are definitely WRONG! i was on my HIGH pitch when i heard what the Supervisor have told me with his 'Nothing happen' face.

So please help me to understand? what do they mean by FLASH or FIRMWARE problem?  It is NOT ACCEPTABLE as my LENOVO YOGA TABLET 8" is barely 2 weeks old!  I hate to be facing the same problem in the near future and this definitely give a bad review on LENOVO YOGA TABLET 8".  I did not pay RM1100 for a new tablet for it to DIE on me within two weeks of ownership.  Might as well i spent it on SAMSUNG! *no JOKE*  I am utterly disappointed actually.

SIGH! *Punching LENOVO Paperbag*

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