Thursday, 24 May 2012

Though i Can't See...

Though I Can't See I am Not Blind, 
Though I Can't Hear I am Not Deaf, 
Though I can't Speak I am Not Mute. 
I just Choose Not to.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Defeated but not Surrendering

Don't Be fooled by the Dark sky.. it may or may not Rain

I was defeated by fault but it doesn't mean i have surrendered.
i will just let efforts show it all and just keeping true to my self and sincere of what i am feeling. I don't use Deceptions or Lies or vengeance just to get what i want. The Truth shall prevail.  However if luck was never at my willing to let go with a heavy heart. Coz what matter the most is The right to be happy with the One u choose n care the most.

Friday, 2 March 2012


KRABI - heard it is a beautiful place.  Great place for vacation.  Those are comments  frm my frenz and colleagues.  Tho food for the Muslims are slightly hard to find. The beach is superb with sparkling white sands and a scenic view to be appreciated.  Wish am off some where now..relaxing and sipping my coconut drink :)

2012 - Year of Dragon

Hoppity Hop Wabbit leaving 2011 behind. Enter The Dragon to 2012.  Hoping the starting of a new and refreshing starts.  Reflecting 2011, gained some frenz and loosing one or two but nevertheless Life Goes On.  I believe on Not turning back too much as it will Drag you like a 100 tons of Trailer.

Being near those dear to you, makes you calmer and more focused (most of the time :P).  Hoping for a Great Year 2012. I doubt it, it will Not just be a Boring year but Full of Challenges.  But I am a Survivor and am gonna Keep my Head Up and walk with pride whatever it maybe.

Cheer up!

FoLLow Me (^_^)/

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